HandHeld Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld battery vacuums are typically smaller, portable version of the traditional vacuum cleaner, they come with their set of pros and cons. The most obvious con being that it is not a good solution for vacuuming large areas of your home but other issues are the batteries do NOT last and very few companies have […]

Central Vacuum Cleaners Expert in Montreal

Central Vacuum Cleaners The central vacuum system is based on the installation of a central vacuum unit in a little-used room of the house, for example the garage or the basement. This central unit, including the engine and the debris recovery tank, is then connected to a system of PVC tubes 5 cm in diameter […]

The Best Vacuum Cleaner Accessories in Montreal

Having the good vacuum cleaner accessories does the difference. Whether it is for residential or commercial use, you now know that there are a variety of models and features on a vacuum cleaner and it’s important to ask yourself the right questions to purchase the tool that’s right for you. Some household or commercial vacuum […]

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners in Montreal

More efficient and faster than the broom, with a variety of accessories, the vacuum cleaner is a housekeeping tool that we can hardly do without these days. Are All Commercial Vacuum Cleaners Similar? Not all vacuum cleaners are equal, and some models will be well rated for the home but will not fit all purposes. […]


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