Having the good vacuum cleaner accessories does the difference.

Whether it is for residential or commercial use, you now know that there are a variety of models and features on a vacuum cleaner and it’s important to ask yourself the right questions to purchase the tool that’s right for you. Some household or commercial vacuum cleaners can come with a basic set of accessories, but just like choosing your vacuum cleaner model, it’s important to choose the right accessories for the task at hand. However, many residential vacuum cleaners do not offer this option, especially models without hoses. These models are designed only to pick up debris on the ground and have no interchangeable heads. It is therefore an advantage of central vacuum cleaners, because they allow to use different types of hoses and accessories for greater versatility.

The Basic Accessory for Your Vacuum Cleaner: The Hose

The basic accessory would be the hose. Often of a standardized size, it can be coupled with different brushes to suit all situations. Its variable length of 9m, 12m or 15m is suitable for different types of accessories and even allows you to vacuum dust and cobwebs in height. In some industries, it is necessary to have a hose that repels the static.

We can then add different tools to the hose. A common accessory is the extension wand for floor sweeping. Designed as a telescopic metal pipe, this extension makes it possible to bring the floor brush or other accessories on the ground without having to bend over.

Choose the Best Accessories for Your Vacuum Cleaner

There are all types of accessories, this is where you choose the best tool for the job For example, to suck in corners or dust objects, a small circular head with horsehair will gently brush the surface to dislodge dust. To vacuum in even tighter places, such as the corner of a staircase or between the cushions of a sofa, there is a long and thin crevice tool accessory to access the thinnest and most difficult to reach places.

The most classic and all around accessory is the “standard brush”. A few inches wide, it can measure up to 12 inches in length. It is often recognized in its variant with horsehair since it is often the main accessory that is used with a vacuum cleaner. However, there is a version without horsehair, with rubber strips instead, that make it easier to clean the carpets when the horsehair would have made it difficult to pass the vacuum. It is also this type of tool that is most effective for picking up liquid spills on smooth floors, if your vacuum cleaner is designed to pick up liquids.

Vacuuming When you Have Animals

If you have pets, you will probably be tempted by the improved version of this type of brush, that is the power nozzle. It includes one or more rollers with rotating brushes to brush the carpets and pick up the debris. This model is reminiscent of conventional household vacuum cleaners, which often have this brush as the only option. However, it is necessary to have a central vacuum system which allows the connection of this type of head, because an electric power supply is necessary to power the motor of the brush and it offers an increased friction power often necessary to dislodge recalcitrant hairs on the carpet.

If your central vacuum, commercial or home vacuum cleaner offers you the option, you have access to a wide range of vacuum cleaner accessories that will make your job easier by being better suited for the task you want to complete.


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