More efficient and faster than the broom, with a variety of accessories, the vacuum cleaner is a housekeeping tool that we can hardly do without these days.

Are All Commercial Vacuum Cleaners Similar?

Not all vacuum cleaners are equal, and some models will be well rated for the home but will not fit all purposes. For example, if you own a restaurant, a hotel or a shop, chances are your use of the vacuum cleaner is more frequent and more demanding than when you do your weekly cleaning at home. An appropriate commercial vacuum cleaner choice is required to have the best appliance to do the job and to avoid the expense of breakage and heavy use of a residential vacuum.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for my Business?

As with domestic and industrial vacuum cleaners, you need to ask yourself a few questions to determine which model is best for you. If it’s a warehouse or a showroom, you’ll probably be better served with a model on wheels that will allow you to move wherever you want. Again, choose a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner to have the power to pick up the largest debris and retain fine dust particles. If you are thinking about picking up liquids, you should also consider this when choosing your vacuum cleaner model. In any case, you must resist the temptation to save some bucks by buying a domestic vacuum cleaner, because overuse will result in costs for repairing or buying a new model that will sweep away your initial savings.

A commercial vacuum cleaner model that is gaining popularity is the backpack vacuum cleaner. This commercial vacuum cleaner model was created specifically for workers who must maintain their mobility while having increased suction power. It is the ideal solution for companies specializing in post-disaster cleaning or on a construction site. Without having to drag a wheeled unit, there is a real gain in productivity, because you can focus on the task to be cleaned. There are two types of backpack vacuum cleaners: wired and wireless. Wireless models are perfect for use where it is difficult to access an electrical outlet.

Like all types of vacuum cleaners, you should also consider the option of a model with a bag or no bag (see our linked article here). If you want to limit your exposure to dust and allergens, a bagged model is a must. Do not forget to buy replacement HEPA filters.

A Vacuum Cleaner Adapted to the Needs of Your Industry

No matter what your industry sector, there is a commercial vacuum cleaner that is better suited to your needs than a home vacuum cleaner. Choosing the right vacuum cleaner will save you time and money because your employees will be more productive and you will not have to replace or repair your vacuum cleaner due to overuse. Whether it is a central model, on wheels or worn on the back, there is a type of commercial vacuum cleaner suitable for every need and that is why it is important to take the time to ask the right questions before investing in a commercial vacuum cleaner.


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