Product Features

  • Patented air flow technology ensures a consistent uninterrupted flow regardless of how full the bag is
  • Indicator light which flashes when the vacuum bag is full
  • Patented Micro-Flo or Hepa-Flo vacuum bags
  • Microtex filter

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Nacecare NDD 900  Vacuum Cleaner: Dust, Soot & Fine Particulate Vacuum

The NDS 900 uses the patented Micro-Flo or Hepa-Flo vacuum cleaner bags, in addition to a Microtex filter to provide truly optimal filtration.

The tank design utilizes this certified air utilization technology to ensure consistent, uninterrupted flow, regardless of filling level.

Specially designed to recover wood and concrete dust, drywall and even chimney soot.

NDS 900 recovers not only this debris, but also any other non-explosive fine particles that are harmful to the respiratory system.

Under OSHA 1910.1000, this vacuum meets or exceeds the coding for recovering crystallized silica as serviceable dust.

With a flashing light when the bag is full, just remove it from the tank and you’re done!

Reduce the amount of dust in the air by 99% or more without compromising on cleaning or suction power.

Enjoy significant savings in cleaning time and costs for each job with NDS 900 !


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