SEBO Duo Brush Machine


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SEBO Duo carpet dry cleaning machine.

The duo Brush Machine’s two counter-spinning brushes open carpet pile, enabling the duo-P Powder to clean each fibre. Weighing only 11 lb, you’ll find it super easy to use. And with a brush-path width of 12.5”, you can clean a room or even an entire house of carpet in no time.

When using on berber or shag carpets, it is recommended that you use an optional soft brush roller instead of the regular brush roller.

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Weight 5.35 kg
Brush Motor 200 watts
Power Head Width 14 in.
Height Adjustment Floating
Suction Motor Protection Electronic cut-out
Brush Wear Compensation No
Brush Speed 400 RPM
Brush Height Settings Floating
Cord Length/Range 40 ft.
Features Easy to use, Lightweight
Warranty 10 Years


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