NaceCare WV 1800 Series


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Nacecare WV 1800 Series Vacuum Cleaner: High Capacity Wet Vacuums

Available in both single and dual motor versions, the 1800 series wet vacuums deliver dependable power and performance in a rugged unit.

The tanks and the head are made of structured foam and are guaranteed for 10 years.

The flexible dump tube allows for quick and convenient draining to a floor drain.

The WV 1800DH and WVD 1802 DH models have a large diameter drain hose.

P-Models Continuous Pumper

With a speed of 60 gallons per minute, the WV 1800P  models allow continuous pumping of liquids.

Ideal for heavy jobs such as industrial spills, floods, water line breaks and backup drains.

Characterized by the durable stainless steel submersible pump, these models offer both chemical and thermal resistance.

With a triple sealing system and a stainless steel shaft, the two 800 watt motors are equipped with a thermal protection device to prevent overheating.


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  • Powerful 1.6 Hp or dual 1.0 Hp vacuum motors with 2 year warranty providing excellent water recovery
  • Single motor provides 110″ waterlift and 95 CFM of airflow. Dual motors provide 90″ waterlift and 160 CFM of airflow
  • Ball float wet shut-off assembly ensures water does not reach the motor and vapour barriers can be added to eliminate moisture completely
  • Structural foam tank comes complete with a 10 year warranty
  • Structural foam head material is rustproof and durable with a 10-year warranty against defects
  • Dump tube that permits quick and convenient emptying to a floor drain (DH models)
  • For wide area cleaning can be fitted with a 29″ front mounted squeegee kit
  • Float activated sump pump allows continuous pumping of fluid without interrupting the vacuuming process (P models)
  • Pumps water at a rate of 60 gallons per minute (P models)
  • The submersible pump is made of durable, high-impact plastics for heat and chemical resistance (P models)


Model WV 1800 / WVD 1802
Vacuum Tank Capacity 20 Gallon
Vacuum Motor Watts 1200W / 2 x 800W
Vacuum Motor HP 1.6 HP / 2.14 HP Total
Vacuum Motor Stages 2 Stage
Number of Motors 1 / 2
Speeds 1 Speed
Airflow (cfm) 95 CFM / 160 CFM
Waterlift 110″ / 90″
Noise Level dB(A) 64 DB(A) / 67 DB(A)
Head Construction STRUCTURAL FOAM
Hose Length 10′
Power Cord Length 42′
Tank Construction STRUCTURAL FOAM
Weight 62 LBS / 67 LBS
Weight (P models) 81 LBS / 86 LBS
Flow Rate (P models) 60 GPM
Pump Power (P models) 500 W
Pump Type (P models) CENTRIFUGAL

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WV 1800DH, WV 1800P, WVD 1802DH, WVD 1802P