Product Features

  • HUSHTONE™ 2 Speed Motor Hush™ Mode for less disruption when you want it, Boost Mode for higher performance when you need it.
  • HEPA Media Filtration with Hexaguard™ Improve indoor air quality with HEPA Filtration that traps 99.97% of dirt, dust and pollen down to 0.3 microns and Hexaguard™ Technology with activated carbon absorbs odor to improve air freshness.
  • Ergonomic Harness - The lightweight design and ergonomic harness enables easy maneuverability with less fatigue to minimize downtime.
  • Self-Sealing Bag Promotes healthier disposal of full bags, trapping dust and debris from escaping back into the air.
  • Tool-free Assembly Quick and easy tool free assembly out of the box, to get up and running faster.

Increase productivity with our new HUSHTONE™ 6Q Backpack. Ideal for offices and large commercial facilities where speed and convenience are crucial.

The Hoover Commercial HushTone Line

After a full century of conceptualizing and building the products that have kept your home clean from ceiling to floor, Hoover has designed the complete floor care solution to fulfil your commercial needs. The Hushtone array of products are all designed with the legendary Hoover durability and quality you’ve come to trust.