Product Features

  • A perpetual lifetime warranty
  • A single or double-motor to deliver maximum power to your castle
  • An exclusive GEO-TEXTILE filter to help protect the motor and the environment
  • A self-cooling system to keep it running smooth
  • The option to use it with or without the disposable bag

Finally a central vacuum designed with you, the quality-conscious consumer in mind. The durable and powerful Cycleen Chromium 1000SS / 2000SS sports a lifetime perpetual warranty, are made locally and adds sale-ability to your residence. In matters of filtration, we put our machines to the test! With an outstanding 99.64% @ .5 microns, dirt & dust get captured & bagged for good to keep unwanted, air-borne and germ-laden dust from recirculating into your home.

This concept has been perfected over the years by listening to you, the consumer, on what you demand from your home cleaning system.