Product Features

  • Surface Sterilization
  • 2 containers for non-stop use

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NaceCare Vacuum JS1600C: Steam Machine

Stainless steel welded boiler ensures consistent steam pressure that attacks grease, grime, hard water deposits, mould and more as it quickly breaks down virtually any type of soil, leaving the surface sanitized.

Thanks to the continuous flow system that provides the necessary steam, your surfaces are clean, disinfected without the use of chemicals and virtually dry.

The tank can be filled while the unit is running and the pump is connected to the water tank. This allows a constant water supply, continuous use and unlimited working capacity.

Operator safety is ensured thanks to the many safety features, including 12V steam controls, pressure switch, thermostat, thermal shutdown and lower pressure.

Excellent on cemented floors, showers, kitchens and areas where cleaning is complicated. Very effective for curtains, bedspreads and carpets, the NaceCare JS1600C vacuum cleaner is your ally against bed bugs and their eggs.


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