Product Features

  • NuSave vacuums are the market leader in "green" vacuums without any performance compromises
  • AUTOSAVE feature automatically starts the vacuum on low power
  • 400 / 800 watt vacuum motor provides the same soil recovery as a 1200 watt vacuum motor
  • NuSave machines consume 1/3 of the power of other vacuums on the market
  • Motor provides 90" waterlift and 81 CFM of airflow
  • Excellent 0.3 micron filtration at 99.97% efficiency for improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Rewind head provides internal power cord storage
  • Polypropylene tanks for maximum durability and mobility
  • Thermal Overload for long term motor protection
  • NuSave saves you money without a decrease in performance

The HHR series from NaceCare is without a doubt the market leaders in “green” vacuums With Autosave as standard, they start on low to save energy, yet when needed high power is only a “flick” of a switch away. With noise levels of 45 dB(A) on low power and 47 dB(A) on high, these units are excellent for daytime cleaning.


With the HHR 200 series at 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns, soil retention is not an issue. This improves indoor air quality and reduces dust in the building. It is LEED-EB compliant meets HEPA for nonhazardous soil recovery!

Unbelievable Soil Recovery without Compromise!

A new specially designed floor tool recovers the same amount of soil on low power (400-watts) as our ProVacs (PVR 200, 380, 390) do on high (1200-watts). With this kind of performance, the high setting is only needed in special circumstances.

Power Consumption

On the low setting at 400-watts, NuSave vacuums consume 1/3 of the power of most vacuums on the market today while recovering the same amount of soil. Based on this, the cost savings are significant.

Example Savings

Cost Per kwh $0.90
Cost per hour (1,200W) $0.108 Cost per day @1,200 watts $0.64
Cost per hour (800W) $0.072 Cost per day @ 800 watts $0.42
Cost per hour (400W) $0.036 Cost per day @ 400 watts $0.21
At 255 days annual use (51 WEEKS X 5 DAYS WE HAVE)
Cost at 1,200 watts full time $163.20 using a 1,200 watt machine full time
Cost at 800 watts full time $107.10 using a NuSave machine on high setting full time
Cost at 400 watts full time $53.55 using a NuSave machine on low setting full time
Assuming we use our NuSave machine at 80% on low power and 20% on high, our savings are:
Cost to operate using it 20% of the time on high $21.42
Cost to operate using it 80% of the time on low $42.84
Total Cost to Operate an NS machine for 255 days is $64.26
Savings versus operating a 1200 watt machine are $163.20 – $64.26 = $98.94 or 60%

At approximately $100 a year in savings, our NuSave models certainly make sense. In essence, NuSave recovers soil as well as anything on the market, filters better than anything on the market and saves you money.